what’s on your To Do List?

I promised to share what’s on my daily housework to do list.

It’s not very exciting, and I’m really a very non-domesticated type, struggling to keep my head above water most of the time, so my apologies if it’s less than inspiring!

So here is my basic list:

– run the dishwasher,
– washing machine
– tumble drier (or line washing in the summer)
– take clean washing up,
– dirty washing down
– hoovering (everywhere but I generally only manage downstairs daily, and upstairs once a week – not ideal but I can’t manage any more than that – I do miss our un-carpeted, sweepable floors.)
– kitchen clean-up
– tidy the dining room,
– the living room
– the bedrooms
– the bath & shower rooms

I still feel as though I am drowning in clutter after moving, so this list really is just the bare essentials. I’d like to make more progress.

We took 4 bags of books to a charity shop yesterday, but it was just a drop in the clutter ocean!

So anyway, I include a link on creating a workable housework schedule, with free printables, and would love to ask you, what’s on your list?


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