Pesach Cleaning

I learn something new every Pesach – about myself, about housework, about the nature of sin and cleanliness, and this year has been no different.

I am sure I have mentioned before that I felt that one of the lessons of Passover is that, no matter how hard we try, we can’t get rid of all the dirt (sin, for which yeast, leaven, chametz is a metaphor) on our own, because it is never finished, the dirt just keeps on coming.

This year, we are in the middle of moving house, so clearing and cleaning two houses. The new house is exactly that – a brand new build where nobody has lived before. I thought that this side of things would be easy, but I have been amazed at how quickly the dust and dirt has mounted up. We may not have much in the way of actual chametz here, but we certainly have dust and dirt!

At the old house, the revelations have been even more startling. Moving things that never usually get moved, like the cooker, has made me realise how the dirt collects in places we’re not looking, not paying attention to, and how once a year ‘spring cleaning’ may not be enough – much more thorough, regular cleaning is going to have to be a feature of life at our new place.

And the spiritual application, of course, is that we need to be making regular self-evaluations, regular repentance, and regular washing (by the Water of the Word).

I am reminded of the classic story of the rabbi who told his students, “Make Teshuvah (repent) one day before you die.” His students would respond with the question, “But how do you know when it is one day before you will die?” The answer of course is that you don’t know, so you must make Teshuvah every day!

Cleaning Deadlines

We have a property inspection tomorrow morning. It’s one of the many down sides to renting. But as much as I’m dreading it, there is nothing like an externally imposed deadline for motivating you to get things done.

So although there is still work to do today, the house is looking tidier and cleaner and more organised than it has done since we moved in.

What I’ve realised about housework (and here comes the metaphor) is that, like sin, and the leaven that represents sin at Passover, it’s a relentless battle.

You can’t rest back and assume it’s conquered. Maybe there is a sense in which it is conquered once and for all in the heavenlies (and I think that my own personal heaven will be a self-cleaning & self-tidying house!), but in the gritty, earthly here and now, you have to wash daily, battle it constantly and never give up.

Shabbat and Passover & the Feast of Unleavened Bread represent little windows into a heavenly future time when we’ve come into the fulness of the Kingdom.

May your Kingdom come, Yeshua!

Preparing for Passover

Cleaning is not really my forte. As much as I’d like to be domesticated, it doesn’t come naturally at all.

I’m also slightly drowning in stuff and boxes after moving house, and wondering whether I will ever get on top of it.

But thankfully, Passover is about more than cleaning. I can’t help feeling that preparing spiritually is just as important as, if not more important than the practical side of preparing by removing the physical chametz.

If there’s one thing I have learnt over the years of being Messianic, it is that I cannot remove the chametz – the leaven, representing sin – myself. That is the real point of Passover though from a New Covenant perspective – Yeshua came to take the leaven away because our efforts always fail to bridge the gap. I’m mixing metaphors in there, I know – the metaphors aren’t perfect, they’re just supposed to be pictures to help us understand the spiritual realities.

How do you get ready for passover?

Preparing for Passover

Ten Steps to Preparing for Pesach

Preparing Spiritually for Passover


what’s on your To Do List?

I promised to share what’s on my daily housework to do list.

It’s not very exciting, and I’m really a very non-domesticated type, struggling to keep my head above water most of the time, so my apologies if it’s less than inspiring!

So here is my basic list:

– run the dishwasher,
– washing machine
– tumble drier (or line washing in the summer)
– take clean washing up,
– dirty washing down
– hoovering (everywhere but I generally only manage downstairs daily, and upstairs once a week – not ideal but I can’t manage any more than that – I do miss our un-carpeted, sweepable floors.)
– kitchen clean-up
– tidy the dining room,
– the living room
– the bedrooms
– the bath & shower rooms

I still feel as though I am drowning in clutter after moving, so this list really is just the bare essentials. I’d like to make more progress.

We took 4 bags of books to a charity shop yesterday, but it was just a drop in the clutter ocean!

So anyway, I include a link on creating a workable housework schedule, with free printables, and would love to ask you, what’s on your list?

Review of the Week


Having moved house, and with the new secular year starting, I haven’t quite managed to get into the swing of a new routine yet. I haven’t done much baking or cooking in my new kitchen yet, but we did manage to celebrate a low-key Hanukkah after we moved in with the help of the fantastic kosher delivery service provided by Titanics in Manchester.

I am baking bread in the bread machine today, but it’s not quite challah. It shall be my goal this coming week to get the kitchen in order so I feel comfortable and confident about baking in there.

I feel as though I am fighting a bit of a losing battle with the clutter, although I know I am winning the war, it is just going very slowly. As I mentioned in my previous post, although we have a bigger house we are without a garage or shed, and not allowed to use the loft in this rental property (is that normal?!) so I really want to sort out, de-clutter, streamline and minimise. In short, to make the most of the space, I want to ‘downsize’ our possessions.

I have discovered that I achieve much more when I have a goal or a deadline, and accountability definitely helps.

What about you? Do you set yourself goals every day? every week? every month? every year? How do you manage to reach your goals, and how do you provide accountability?

I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a productive Preparation Day, and a restful, blessed Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!


Housework To Do List


Good morning! Though actually it is already afternoon here and I haven’t got much done. We had another busy weekend so the house looks completely crazy. I think making a list of things ‘to do’ is really helpful – the days I do that I get much more done. (If you aim at nothing you reach that real easy….)

Well, I did get some hoovering done downstairs, cleared the kitchen and run the dishwasher, but there’s so much more to do, if I hadn’t been so aimless I think I would have got more done.

So my monday afternoon (and probably running over to the rest of the week now) list today looks something like this:

– Take the children out to the park to make the most of the nice day
– Schoolwork
– hoover upstairs
– Take the clean laundry upstairs, sort, fold and distribute
– help the children with their bedrooms (they’re all a bit challenged in the tidying department)
– 15 minutes of sorting clutter downstairs
– Get some sewing done
– Phone my friend Tieja to arrange coffee for tomorrow.

wash_dishes.gif vacuuming.gif dusting.gif laundry.gif washer.gif chef2.gif iron.gif rugs.gif mop.gif

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