Becoming the Ultimate Housewife: 1950s Housewife

Shavua tov ladies! 🙂 This is just a little bit of fun really, but I wonder – how much of this do you aspire to? 

How much of this is cultural, dated and irrelevant now, and how much the Biblical ideal/ pattern for wives?


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  1. Child of God
    Aug 14, 2016 @ 15:42:33

    This is very different from my life. I am certain my husband would have been much happier last night if he came home from work to that type of household rather than a sick puppy who made a mess all over the house and a toddler who loves to scream. I do normally work outside of the home, so if we could each provide that type of atmosphere for the other when we got home I know we’d be much more relaxed and more pleasant to be around.😊



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