Preparing for Passover

Cleaning is not really my forte. As much as I’d like to be domesticated, it doesn’t come naturally at all.

I’m also slightly drowning in stuff and boxes after moving house, and wondering whether I will ever get on top of it.

But thankfully, Passover is about more than cleaning. I can’t help feeling that preparing spiritually is just as important as, if not more important than the practical side of preparing by removing the physical chametz.

If there’s one thing I have learnt over the years of being Messianic, it is that I cannot remove the chametz – the leaven, representing sin – myself. That is the real point of Passover though from a New Covenant perspective – Yeshua came to take the leaven away because our efforts always fail to bridge the gap. I’m mixing metaphors in there, I know – the metaphors aren’t perfect, they’re just supposed to be pictures to help us understand the spiritual realities.

How do you get ready for passover?

Preparing for Passover

Ten Steps to Preparing for Pesach

Preparing Spiritually for Passover


Chag Purim Sameach!

I really wanted to experiment with some Persian cooking for this Purim but as it turned out, it was a very busy week and didn’t have a chance, so in the end we had chicken (and vegetable for the vegetarians among us) korma as our Purim meal.

We did manage to make Hamantaschen – chocolate flavour this time!

But I am still interested in learning about Persian cookery, so perhaps by next year I’ll have something appropriate to make.

What do you eat at Purim? What have you had this year?

Not all the traditions are ‘kosher’ but parties are nice! Did you get together with others for fellowship?

How do you celebrate?

Time to Plan Passover Cleaning!

I’m hearing it a couple of days late, but the report is that there is no Aviv (ripe barley) yet in Israel, so a second month of Adar, called Adar 2, is added. So this is what you might call a Jewish ‘leap year’, with 13 months.

So that means that it’s around 45 days to Passover (a few less now, I think, maybe 43?)

The command is to remove ‘leaven’ or ‘chametz’ from the home, but most people will do a thorough ‘spring clean’, working on the basis that there may be ‘chametz’ hiding somewhere!

We have Purim inbetween of course, but I think that now is the time to start planning, if not actually cleaning in earnest yet 🙂

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