What’s in your Planner?

I just had to share this, as I am a plannerholic! Diaries, notebooks and planners are among my absolute favourite things!

In fact I have several planners on the go this year, for different things. My favourite format is Filofax (personal and A5), although over the years I have tried just about ever planner and every format available!

My current planners are: a purple personal filofax for my handbag that goes everywhere with me, an A5 purple filofax for general planning that stays at home (on what currently passes for a desk) an old, slightly falling apart black A5 filofax that houses my daily to-do list, and an A5 Paperchase planner for my prayer list.

I also have separate planners for homeschool and study. I know, I’m a stationery addict 🙂

I have been meaning to post about what is on my To Do list, so I will aim to do that next.


So do you use a planner or a diary? Do you wish, like I do, that there were a specifically Jewish or Messianic woman’s planner?


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