Year of Biblical Womanhood

This is just a quick post to ask if anybody who considers themselves to be aiming for (a conservative interpretation of) ‘Biblical Womanhood’ * has read Rachel Held Evans’ book?

Everything I have read by Rachel Held Evans so far leads me to suspect that she essentially doesn’t respect the concept of Biblical Womanhood (at least in as far as it is interpreted by conservative believers), and that her book is essentially mocking anybody who does, from a modern, feminist, liberal perspective.

I would love to be proved wrong.

Have you read the book? Would you recommend it?

* I may perhaps aim to discuss what that might mean in future posts.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Joanna Dowlearn
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 02:49:18

    I know you asked who HAS read the book and normally, not having read it I would not answer but… I have read many articles by the author, Rachel Held Evans, and have also read numerous reviews of this particular book and I with that said, if you are looking for a CONSERVATIVE interpretation of Biblical Womanhood (as your comment states) you will NOT find that in Evan’s faith perspective or writings. Below is, what I believe, to be a thoughtful and extensive (enough) review of Year of Biblical Womanhood.

    And, not that I am promoting it in anyway, but here is a link to Evan’s blog; you can read her articles to get a feel for what she believes and then decide if you think this is an individual from whom you would accept biblical/faith/religious teaching.



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