Urban Homemaker’s Challenge – Update

When I took up this challenge, I wasn’t very optimistic really about making any progress: I grew up in a super-modern 70’s home where all food came out of a packet, space-age style.

But over the last few weeks I’ve actually been quite pleased with what we’ve achieved.

We’ve started drinking raw (unpasteurised) milk again. Husband – who I shall name henceforth as ‘Harvey’ whether he likes it or not, since he can’t think up a sensible screen-name for himself – wasn’t too keen on the idea, (a lot of people screw their noses up at the idea of ‘live’ milk or yoghurt) which is why we didn’t do it for long when we tried it before, but I think that I have to take ‘small steps’ in changing his mind, so rather than overwhelm him with a fridge exclusively full of the raw stuff, I’m just supplementing our usual supply of pasteurised.

I managed to source a relatively inexpensive manual juicer and a flour mill, which both arrived today, and so we spent the morning juicing every fruit and vegetable in site. The children thought this was the most fun, and I was really encouraged because they were actually willing to try what they’d made!  We also milled our first batch of flour (I have both wheat and spelt to play with).  We did try to make a cake using our wholemeal flour, but it wasn’t terribly successful – I think that will take some practice.  We have even tried wheatgrass today. It’s a bit of an aquired taste, even mixed with the recommended pear juice, but I hear it’s just so nutritious that I’m thinking of starting to grow my own.

I’ve been sprouting seeds for the last couple of weeks and the first batch was really fantastic, which encouraged me to experiment with different types of seeds, but I haven’t had quite so much success with the second batch so far.  But again, the children (who are not generally very good at making healthy choices in their diets) were very keen to try them.

I’ve started my first batch of live yoghurt today (I’m just going to check how it’s got on when I finish up on here).

And finally, I’ve ordered a kombucha starter and a kefir culture, and I’m waiting for them to arrive.

I haven’t done too much home cooking yet, but to be fair, we’ve been eating lots of raw foods and salads for summer, so we’ll see how that goes.  On the whole, I’m really pleased with the direction we’re going in.


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