Lukewarm and Worldly?

Here we go again… I received the most bizarre and out-of-the-blue e-mail, headed “I don’t know what to do with our friendship” which I copy below with my replies. I’m quite shocked to be accused of being worldy and lukewarm. To be honest, my struggles (and all of us have them) have nothing to do with either “worldliness” or “lukewarmness”! I’m wondering what exactly it was about my playlist which offended? It’s mostly classical music.:


Hi, not quite sure what to do with our friendship

I respect that you are Messianic, but I sensed that
your abit of a dabbler with worldly stuff including
our first email

Now you are on a few of my Ning networks and
to tell you the truth your playlist is abit worldly
for me. I will do nothing for now

I could give you code to put my messianic playlist
on your ning profiles.

If things dont change I’ll have to remove you

Sorry for saying

[Name withheld]

You should read Rev 3:14-21


Dear [name]

You must make your own judgements. Certainly you must judge for yourself between right and wrong.

But to be honest, for you to judge my *heart* as being lukewarm and worldy is way off.

It always saddems me to discover the same kind of judgementalism in the messianic movement as I left behind in christianity,rather I would expect and hope for support and encouragement and thankfully that seems to be the norm on the Torah path, but I sensed from you very early that you were in need of healing.

Perhaps you should read Matthew 7 and I Corinthians 10:12.


p.s. if and when you are ready to make teshuvah I will be there and ready to support and encourage you.


I am sorry it is plain and simple that your playlist is worldly
none of those songs will not be hinted on being sungin the
KINGDOM. If you think so you are fooling yourself

I can not link to your playlist.

Just face up to reality

I dont want an argurment here its just reality

My original stance stands
If nothing changes Ill have to remove you

[Name withheld]

I cant wait I have to remove you
your in complete denial

and I cant link to your playlist
anyfurther. I gave you suggestions
but you just turned this into an

I will you well
[Name Withheld]


Dear [Name]

You are mistaken my friend. There was no argument from my side.
Feel free to remove me as a friend from all networks, that is your perogative.

But read Matthew 7, I Corinthians 10:12 and Romans 14:4 again. Mercy rejoices over judgement. HaShem alone is my judge. The kingdom is more that music and computer networks.

I pray only that your eyes will be opened and you will make teshuvah before it is too late.

As I said, if and when you are ready, I will be here to support and encourage you, and not judge you.


I’m surprised, shocked, and a little confused…………….

and having just re-read the whole thing, this is what really makes me laugh:

” I could give you code to put my messianic playlist
on your ning profiles.

Give me a break! I would be annoyed, If it wasn’t so laughable and ridiculous. How do you deal with people like this? It makes me sad and angry, because this person knows virtually nothing about me – he’s judging me on my music but he knows nothing of my real life. And for all he knows I could be a brand new believer, new to the Hebrew roots, fragile and delicate and all it would take to destroy my faith could be a little rejection – it has happened so many times to so many people I know. Let’s be a little bit more merciful, kind, gentle and understanding of each other and our weaknesses! And let’s restore each other gently where necessary.


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  1. pensive1
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 15:25:59

    Music is one of those areas we all have to decide for ourselves. Some people only listen to religious music, others can mix. If that person’s tone had been one of ASKING instead of just TELLING…maybe things wouldn’t have gotten ugly.

    We had a similar discussion at my synagogue recently of being harsh to people in the movement. The topic of the day was how to talk to new church people who hadn’t dropped xmas/easter immediately upon visiting.



    • lillbjorne
      Jun 09, 2008 @ 18:27:37

      We can be really touchy about all sorts of things if our hearts aren’t ready. I think generally that, if we need to reprimand a brother (or sister) in the faith, it has to be done gently, kindly, always with a view to restoration not condemnation, and having regard to the gentle way the Ruach haKodesh convicts, and having a total backing of prayer before you even go there!



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