Housework To Do List


Good morning! Though actually it is already afternoon here and I haven’t got much done. We had another busy weekend so the house looks completely crazy. I think making a list of things ‘to do’ is really helpful – the days I do that I get much more done. (If you aim at nothing you reach that real easy….)

Well, I did get some hoovering done downstairs, cleared the kitchen and run the dishwasher, but there’s so much more to do, if I hadn’t been so aimless I think I would have got more done.

So my monday afternoon (and probably running over to the rest of the week now) list today looks something like this:

– Take the children out to the park to make the most of the nice day
– Schoolwork
– hoover upstairs
– Take the clean laundry upstairs, sort, fold and distribute
– help the children with their bedrooms (they’re all a bit challenged in the tidying department)
– 15 minutes of sorting clutter downstairs
– Get some sewing done
– Phone my friend Tieja to arrange coffee for tomorrow.

wash_dishes.gif vacuuming.gif dusting.gif laundry.gif washer.gif chef2.gif iron.gif rugs.gif mop.gif


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