Manic Monday

Shavua Tov!

This was my To-Do list for today:

* Hoover downstairs (somebody, who shall remain nameless, has spillt rabbit food behind the kitchen curtain and forgotten to mention it to me…)
* Tidy the hallway (and get the children to tidy their video shelf which is in the hallway)
* Clear the stairs (we’ve rearranged furniture and I have a sofa seat which needs to go up)
* Sort the laundry
* Hoover upstairs
* Homeschool
* Manage to get to Boys’ Brigade on time!

Well, despite starting the day off with prayer and being really positive and determined, the whole thing had completely fallen apart by lunch-time.  I wonder sometimes whether starting the day with prayer equals entering battle (spiritual-warfare-type).

Out of the above list, I barely managed to check off ‘homeschool’ and ‘manage to get to Boys’ Brigade on time’.

I’m off to bed early to get down to some serious reading (check out my Multiply blog if you’re interested in the titles.)

Better tomorrow, I hope.


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  1. sheeri
    Jun 06, 2008 @ 14:27:06

    Do you have rabbits? My sister has 2! House rabbits. Or they would be, if our dog weren’t half-beagle. 😉



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