Homemaking Degree

I was surfing today looking for homemaking blogs, and I stumbled across a blog which mentioned that a US college had instituted a degree in homemaking., so I just had to investigate!  It’s offered at The College at Southwestern which seems to be a fairly liberal Christian Seminary (I may be wrong about the liberal part though!)

Division of Homemaking

HMK 2101 Orientation to Homemaking
This introductory course provides an overview of the field of homemaking, its place in history, and biblical perspective. To be taken the student’s first semester.
One hour

HMK 3103 Biblical Model for the Home and Family
Focus on the Biblical role of women related to the home, family, church, ministry, and relationships.
Three hours

HMK 3113 Nutrition
Focuses on the fundamentals of nutrition, nutrition through the life cycle, brief overview of food preparation, and meal management.
Three hours

HMK 3203 Value of a Child
A study of the spiritual, physical, emotional and cognitive development of a child.
Three hours

HMK 3204 Meal Preparation with Lab
A study and practice of the basic principles of the selection and preparation of food. Nutrition is a pre-requisite.
Four hours

HMK 4101 Senior Seminar
Focuses on putting fundamental elements of homemaking into practice. This course is to be taken as a pre-requisite to the Homemaking practicum and should be taken the first semester of the student’s final year.
One hour

HMK 4103 Basics of Design
Introduces the student to design and includes colors, space, interior design, and a brief overview of clothing construction.
Three hours

HMK 4201 Homemaking Practicum
Focuses on putting fundamental elements of homemaking into practice while placing the students in real life situations. This course serves as the capstone course of the program and should be taken the student’s final semester.

HMK 4204 Clothing Construction with Lab
A study of patterns, fabric, equipment, and sewing. Basics of Design is a prerequisite.
Four hours

I think it’s really good that it’s offered, and encouraging that homemaking is being presented as a worthy career, but I do wonder whether this degree will actually prepare women for the calling of motherhood, homemaking and being a wife.  I’d really like to see the reading list and textbooks and compare it with, for example, the TOD-KAH curriculum (Training our Daughters to be Keepers at Home) which is very thorough and comprehensive and written from a conservative perspective.

Urban Homemaker’s Challenge – Update

When I took up this challenge, I wasn’t very optimistic really about making any progress: I grew up in a super-modern 70’s home where all food came out of a packet, space-age style.

But over the last few weeks I’ve actually been quite pleased with what we’ve achieved.

We’ve started drinking raw (unpasteurised) milk again. Husband – who I shall name henceforth as ‘Harvey’ whether he likes it or not, since he can’t think up a sensible screen-name for himself – wasn’t too keen on the idea, (a lot of people screw their noses up at the idea of ‘live’ milk or yoghurt) which is why we didn’t do it for long when we tried it before, but I think that I have to take ‘small steps’ in changing his mind, so rather than overwhelm him with a fridge exclusively full of the raw stuff, I’m just supplementing our usual supply of pasteurised.

I managed to source a relatively inexpensive manual juicer and a flour mill, which both arrived today, and so we spent the morning juicing every fruit and vegetable in site. The children thought this was the most fun, and I was really encouraged because they were actually willing to try what they’d made!  We also milled our first batch of flour (I have both wheat and spelt to play with).  We did try to make a cake using our wholemeal flour, but it wasn’t terribly successful – I think that will take some practice.  We have even tried wheatgrass today. It’s a bit of an aquired taste, even mixed with the recommended pear juice, but I hear it’s just so nutritious that I’m thinking of starting to grow my own.

I’ve been sprouting seeds for the last couple of weeks and the first batch was really fantastic, which encouraged me to experiment with different types of seeds, but I haven’t had quite so much success with the second batch so far.  But again, the children (who are not generally very good at making healthy choices in their diets) were very keen to try them.

I’ve started my first batch of live yoghurt today (I’m just going to check how it’s got on when I finish up on here).

And finally, I’ve ordered a kombucha starter and a kefir culture, and I’m waiting for them to arrive.

I haven’t done too much home cooking yet, but to be fair, we’ve been eating lots of raw foods and salads for summer, so we’ll see how that goes.  On the whole, I’m really pleased with the direction we’re going in.

Housework To Do List


Good morning! Though actually it is already afternoon here and I haven’t got much done. We had another busy weekend so the house looks completely crazy. I think making a list of things ‘to do’ is really helpful – the days I do that I get much more done. (If you aim at nothing you reach that real easy….)

Well, I did get some hoovering done downstairs, cleared the kitchen and run the dishwasher, but there’s so much more to do, if I hadn’t been so aimless I think I would have got more done.

So my monday afternoon (and probably running over to the rest of the week now) list today looks something like this:

– Take the children out to the park to make the most of the nice day
– Schoolwork
– hoover upstairs
– Take the clean laundry upstairs, sort, fold and distribute
– help the children with their bedrooms (they’re all a bit challenged in the tidying department)
– 15 minutes of sorting clutter downstairs
– Get some sewing done
– Phone my friend Tieja to arrange coffee for tomorrow.

wash_dishes.gif vacuuming.gif dusting.gif laundry.gif washer.gif chef2.gif iron.gif rugs.gif mop.gif

Lukewarm and Worldly?

Here we go again… I received the most bizarre and out-of-the-blue e-mail, headed “I don’t know what to do with our friendship” which I copy below with my replies. I’m quite shocked to be accused of being worldy and lukewarm. To be honest, my struggles (and all of us have them) have nothing to do with either “worldliness” or “lukewarmness”! I’m wondering what exactly it was about my playlist which offended? It’s mostly classical music.:


Hi, not quite sure what to do with our friendship

I respect that you are Messianic, but I sensed that
your abit of a dabbler with worldly stuff including
our first email

Now you are on a few of my Ning networks and
to tell you the truth your playlist is abit worldly
for me. I will do nothing for now

I could give you code to put my messianic playlist
on your ning profiles.

If things dont change I’ll have to remove you

Sorry for saying

[Name withheld]

You should read Rev 3:14-21


Dear [name]

You must make your own judgements. Certainly you must judge for yourself between right and wrong.

But to be honest, for you to judge my *heart* as being lukewarm and worldy is way off.

It always saddems me to discover the same kind of judgementalism in the messianic movement as I left behind in christianity,rather I would expect and hope for support and encouragement and thankfully that seems to be the norm on the Torah path, but I sensed from you very early that you were in need of healing.

Perhaps you should read Matthew 7 and I Corinthians 10:12.


p.s. if and when you are ready to make teshuvah I will be there and ready to support and encourage you.


I am sorry it is plain and simple that your playlist is worldly
none of those songs will not be hinted on being sungin the
KINGDOM. If you think so you are fooling yourself

I can not link to your playlist.

Just face up to reality

I dont want an argurment here its just reality

My original stance stands
If nothing changes Ill have to remove you

[Name withheld]

I cant wait I have to remove you
your in complete denial

and I cant link to your playlist
anyfurther. I gave you suggestions
but you just turned this into an

I will you well
[Name Withheld]


Dear [Name]

You are mistaken my friend. There was no argument from my side.
Feel free to remove me as a friend from all networks, that is your perogative.

But read Matthew 7, I Corinthians 10:12 and Romans 14:4 again. Mercy rejoices over judgement. HaShem alone is my judge. The kingdom is more that music and computer networks.

I pray only that your eyes will be opened and you will make teshuvah before it is too late.

As I said, if and when you are ready, I will be here to support and encourage you, and not judge you.


I’m surprised, shocked, and a little confused…………….

and having just re-read the whole thing, this is what really makes me laugh:

” I could give you code to put my messianic playlist
on your ning profiles.

Give me a break! I would be annoyed, If it wasn’t so laughable and ridiculous. How do you deal with people like this? It makes me sad and angry, because this person knows virtually nothing about me – he’s judging me on my music but he knows nothing of my real life. And for all he knows I could be a brand new believer, new to the Hebrew roots, fragile and delicate and all it would take to destroy my faith could be a little rejection – it has happened so many times to so many people I know. Let’s be a little bit more merciful, kind, gentle and understanding of each other and our weaknesses! And let’s restore each other gently where necessary.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

My friend Kathryn (the bookworm) introduced me to the Simple Woman’s Daybook meme, and I thought I would give it a go today:


Check out The Simple Woman for links to other Daybooks and instructions if you want to add your own.

Outside My Window… it’s grey and drizzling. Actually it looks very lush and green out there, I may get everone into their wellies and go out for a splosh in the puddles.

I am thinking…that I should really finish up on the computer and gather everyone into the living room and start school now.

I am thankful for… relative peace in the house this morning! A roof over my head, plenty of food, family, friends, car, all that I need. To have a dishwasher!

From the kitchen…DS has loaded the dishwasher without complaining this morning so all I need to do is tidy up. Oh, and hoover (now that I check, there’s quite a lot of work to do in there 😦

I am wearing… a pink t-shirt and black jogging bottoms, (and bright orange socks).

I am creating… I’m not being very creative at the moment. I might start another scarf (my forte is chunky knitted scarfs using 2 different yarns – one thick and one thin, in co-ordinating colours – it makes a lovely effect). I’m also wondering about making some clothes for my daughter because it’s so hard to find modest clothes for girls. But the price of material is so horrendous, that I’m contemplating making some kind of hippy-looking rag-quilt type clothes from scraps. (Is there a proper name for that?)

I am going…to ballet this afternoon (well not me, my daughter). I’m rather relieve there’s no other activities to worry about any more for a Tuesday… but there’s a possibility of a Hebrew lesson this evening. I’m waiting to hear.

I am reading…a huge pile of books! See yesterday’s entry! The fiction title on the list is “Lucca” by Jens Grondahl.

I am hoping…that school will be a bit more successful today. I’m not actualy feeling too well (I think I’m fighting something off, and I have toothache) and I don’t want to fight with the children again today.

I am hearing… happy noises from the children playing upstairs, the whirr of the computer’s fan, and now the gentle hum of the dishwasher.

Around the house…lots of houseplants without a home (they had been moved into the garden for the summer, but the summer has given up a bit so they had to come in again while the weather is so cold and miserable.

One of my favorite things… bookshops and libraries which also allow you to drink coffee (how very civilised)! We first discovered this concept in Sweden when we lived in Stockholm – especially Lidingo library which remains one of my very favourite places. But failing that, Borders is pretty good.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: actually nothing much on the agenda this week, just Ballet this afternoon, and Girls’ Brigade on Thursday evening, but I’m looking forward to seeing my Swedish/Finnish friend Tieja for coffee at Ikea next week.  I might take a walk into town if the weather clears up, perhaps take the children to a park.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Manic Monday

Shavua Tov!

This was my To-Do list for today:

* Hoover downstairs (somebody, who shall remain nameless, has spillt rabbit food behind the kitchen curtain and forgotten to mention it to me…)
* Tidy the hallway (and get the children to tidy their video shelf which is in the hallway)
* Clear the stairs (we’ve rearranged furniture and I have a sofa seat which needs to go up)
* Sort the laundry
* Hoover upstairs
* Homeschool
* Manage to get to Boys’ Brigade on time!

Well, despite starting the day off with prayer and being really positive and determined, the whole thing had completely fallen apart by lunch-time.  I wonder sometimes whether starting the day with prayer equals entering battle (spiritual-warfare-type).

Out of the above list, I barely managed to check off ‘homeschool’ and ‘manage to get to Boys’ Brigade on time’.

I’m off to bed early to get down to some serious reading (check out my Multiply blog if you’re interested in the titles.) http://lillbjorne.multiply.com/journal/item/142/Another_Huge_Pile_of_Books_on_My_Bed-side

Better tomorrow, I hope.

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