A Christian Home

I just thought I would add a link to a nice Christian homemaking site.  There seem to be lots of resources here, plus it’s ever so pretty! 🙂


Just look at all the stuff they cover there (sorry about all those darn links, I couldn’t work out how to turn them off)!:

Motherhood & Parenting Letters to My Sisters   Titus2 Journey Study 
 Modest Feminine Attire  
Letters to Mothers
Woman To Woman  The Welcome Home Messages     Christian Life Issues 

Child Training   Pregnancy & Childbirth   Adoption    The Great Page

Good Things & Recipes Letters    pamela’s writings  

Replies To Women’s Letters    Our RECIPES   Bible-Quiet time  Missions 

The Hope Chest  Hymns & Quotes   Kathryn’s Letters 

Messages To Young Ladies  Home Church 

Sandy’s Home Notes  Low Carb  Top Ten To Do’s  Chocolate!  

Good Things Just  for Young Ladies   Diet & Weight Loss   

Nutrition Health – Food Value   Medical Info Page  Conception Prayer Requests   

Pregnancy List  Ministries to Women  Courtship  Weddings   Large Family   IssuesToday  Bookshelf   Bible Resources &Theology    Devotionals 

 Glenys’s writings  –   Prodigals and Waywards  –  Post Abortion Hope  –  Past sexualabuse  

Home Schooling
Teaching Children  Greeting Cards – Notable Quotes – 

Far Above Rubies   Just For Men   Marriage  Dates 

Just For Young Men  Sewing & Crafts  Holidays  Homemaking 

Grandmothers  Gardening  Various & Sundry links  Simple Living   Games & Rules  Neat Stories  

Funny Funny   Gifts to Make     Home Management  

Wow! It’s a real temptation to spend all my homemaking hours online…

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