Shabbat Shalom!

Shalom ladies! (and our one gentleman!)

I am so amazed by the interest the Messianic Keepers at Home network has generated – we are less than a week old and already we have 35 members!

Thank-you to all who have joined and contributed!

I know that this network will be a blessing, and that already some are encouraged (including me!) to work more diligently at the worthy calling of wife, mother and homemaker, thanks to the kindness and willingness of other ladies who are prepared to share their knowledge and experience and also to ask questions in areas we have to learn.

It’s not my intention that this network should take time away from your tasks as homemakers, but if you are able to spare a few moments each day, or even half an hour a week encouraging other ladies, we will all be blessed and enabled to bless our families, to the praise of HaShem, Baruch hu!

Those of you with experience might consider becoming administrators of groups (which just means making sure that questions are answered, encouraging discussion or challenges and also enables you to post items such as links, photos, videos etc. to your group’s resources box).

I’d also like to draw your attention to the Kosher Recipe Exchange in the forum. It is currently set up in such a way that recipes need to be posted as replies to existing discussions rather than as new discussions – I hope that doesn’t cause confusion, but it seemed the easiest way to organise the forum. Please contribute recipes if you can!

And finally, thank-you for a wonderful week on the Messianic Keepers at Home network, and I wish you a very blessed shabbat.

Shabbat shalom!


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